The Life of a Labour Councillor

It’s been just over 6 weeks since I was elected as a Labour Councillor for Katesgrove Ward in Reading.

Now the excitement has died down, I’m finally developing some perspective on what life is going to be like. I can tell you three things – I get to meet some incredible people and hear some heartbreaking stories, I balance a full time commuter job with a representative post which is a challenge and I feel genuinely interested in and responsible for what happens in my local community.

The last week has been long and rewarding. Monday evening was our Labour Group, where councillors talk about upcoming issues and plan for meetings, Tuesday was full Council, Wednesday I was supporting the Southcote By-election and Thursday canvassing in my own ward. On Friday, I went to a charity event against Female Genital Mutation and a friend’s birthday party before canvassing again on Saturday.

It’s non-stop, a learning curve and there’s always more to do but I’m convinced that we can achieve so much in Reading together. I’m passionate about my neighbours, bothered by anti-social behaviour and genuinely concerned about the decisions we will have to make this year, as a Labour council under a ConDem government. That said, politics is a battleground and we will keep fighting in Reading for the best possible for local people. 

That’s all for now.




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